Program: Mary Segawa, Legalized Marijuana per Initiative 502.

Image    The passing of the initiative decriminalized the possession of one ounce of marijuana for smoking, 16 ounces in solid form (baked goods), and 72 ounces in liquid (hard drinks). The rules for growing, distributing and selling all forms of the product requires taxation at 25 percent at all levels. Tax income has been estimated at from $zero, minimum, up to $2 billion.

    Mary's office at the Liquor Control Board has been working with peers in Colorado to set up the program. Rules and regulations are to be in place by December 1st, 2013. Some controls include: lab testing of the product, bar coding of the plants from cradle to grave, warning labels on the product, no sales to minors, and no minors allowed in a marijuana facility.

    License applications will be accepted during 30 days in October-November of this year with a $250 application fee. For additional info, visit the website: 


FELLOWSHIP: Kathy Houston: 

Kathy read a primer from "Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn of the Millennium" and fined members for "infractions of appropriate behavior."


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